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APMME 2020 – Lista zaakceptowanych abstraktów

Poniżej przedstawiono listę zaakceptowanych zgłoszeń na konferencję APMME 2020.

Osoby, których abstrakty zostały zaakceptowane prosimy o przesłanie Formularza rejestracyjnego wraz z potwierdzeniem opłaty za koszt uczestnictwa w konferencji na adres: w celu wystawienia faktury.
Ostateczny termin nadsyłania pełnych wersji artykułów to 10.01.2020r.
Szybsze przesłanie pełnej wersji artykułu znacząco przyśpieszy proces recenzji.


Below is an incomplete list of accepted submissions for the APMME 2020 conference.

Persons whose abstracts have been accepted, please send the Registration Form together with the payment confirmation for the cost of participation in the conference to the following address: in order to issue an invoice.
The deadline for sending full versions of articles is 10.01.2020.
Faster submission of the full version of the article will significantly speed up the review process.


Fractal structures in the electrode position process
Piotr Gębara, Monika Gębara

Proposal of a physical model for damage simulation of composite structures produced by 3D printing
Milan Sága, Jaroslav Majko, Marián Handrik, Milan Vaško, Alžbeta Sapietová

Identification of physical characteristics of composite materials produced by additive technology from the perspective of selected mechanical properties
Milan Sága, František Bárnik, Milan Vaško, Marián Handrik, Peter Kopas

The effect of cooling rate on the glass forming ability of a novel Fe-based bulk metallic glass
H. Redaei, P. Rezaei-Shahreza, A. Seifoddini, S. Hasani

Biocompatibility evaluation of new Ti-Mo-Si alloys
P. Vizureanu, S. Yamaguchi, P.T.M. Le, M.S. Baltatu

Microstructural analysis of Ti/W/WC deposition by ESD method
M.C. Perju, A.V. Sandu, P. Vizureanu, C. Nejneru, C. A. Tugui, D. D. Burduhos-Nergis

The effect of Co and Zr content on the creation of crystalline phases in the alloys: Fe70Zr8-xCoxNb2B20 (where: x = 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8), during rapid solidification of the respective liquid alloy in the injection-casting process
Marcin Nabiałek, Simon Walters, Bartłomiej Jeż

Influence of Nb and Mo content on the magnetization process of bulk iron-based amorphous alloys
Kinga Jeż, Andrei Victor Sandu, Marcin Nabiałek

Experimental analysis of residual stress in multi-component coatings deposited by the PVD method on oxide tool ceramics
J. Mikuła, W. Kwaśny, R. Dziwis, A. Śliwa, B. Ziębowicz

Influence of long-term impact of elevated temperature on the properties of the Sanicro 25 steel
M. Sroka, A. Zieliński

Tin Whiskers Formation In Sn-0.7Cu-0.05Ni-1.5Bi Under Electro-Migration Stressing
Noor ZaimahMohd Mokhtar, MohdArifAnuarMohd Salleh,Guang-Ming Zhang, David M Harvey, Marcin Nabialek, Aimi Noorliyana Hashim, SufianFirdaus Nazri

The microstructure of the HR6W alloy, at elevated temperature after prolonged aging in an air atmosphere
M. Kierat, A. Zieliński, M. Sroka

Research of dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC) with composite 1D/3D nanostructure
P. Jarka, T. Tański

Studies on the Addition of Novel Sm3+in Replacing Eu3+ in LiEu(0.45-x)Gd0.55(MoO4)2Phosphor
M. Fathullah, A. Rosli Hussin, Z. Shayfull, N. Syazwanie Zailani, Irfan Abdul Rahim

Comparison of the influence of cooling mediums on stress state during superficial hardening for the hot-work tool steel
Adam Bokota, Adam Kulawik, Joanna Wróbel

The influence of heat treatment on the magnetic properties of the alloy (Fe0.55Co0.15Y0.08Mo0.02B0.20)99Nb1produced by the suction casting method
Mateusz Talar, Katarzyna Błoch

Transmission properties of the phononical dodecagonal filter
Wojciech Sochacki

Solutions space state analysis for transmission minimizing of quasi one-dimensional phononic structures
Sebastian Garus

Modeling of solidification phenomenon in the casting-mould system including shrinkage cavities formation
Tomasz Skrzypczak, Ewa Węgrzyn-Skrzypczak, Leszek Sowa

Numerical and experimental studies on local and global instability of slender system subjected to a specific load
Krzysztof Sokół

The stability of flow around two rectangular cylinders arranged in tandem
Renata Gnatowska, Jacek Sobczyk, Waldemar Wodziak

Electronic properties of graphene/hBN heterostructure with in-plane displacement
Anita E. Auguscik, Artur P. Durajski

The energy storage properties of supercapacitor with carbon-based electrodes
Artur P. Durajski, Konrad Gruszka, Paweł Niegodajew

Coupled vibration of cracked frame with damping
Marta Bold, Wojciech Sochacki, Paweł Palutkiewicz

Adaptive method for tuning dynamic properties of beams by means of particles redistribution
Mateusz Żurawski, Robert Zalewski

Impact of metal pouring parameters on basic physical processes in the casting
Leszek Sowa, Tomasz Skrzypczak, Paweł Kwiatoń

Local loss of a rectilinear form of a static equilibrium of geometrically nonlinear system with non-prismatic element under force directed towards the pole
Janusz Szmidla, Anna Jurczyńska

Studies of the acoustic wave propagation when approaching an obstacle
Konrad Gruszka, Artur Durajski, Paweł Niegodajew, Renata Gnatowska, Mateusz Bęben, Michal Šofer

Impact of the generator geometry on the size of generated vortex rings
Konrad Gruszka, Paweł Niegodajew, Mateusz Bęben

London penetration depth study in superconducting intercalated graphene bilayers
Kamil M. Skoczylas, Anita E. Auguscik, Radoslaw Szczesniak

The utilization of Rayleigh waves for engine oil level measurement
Pavel Šofer, Michal Šofer, Paweł Niegodajew

Utilization of physical analogy between the process of comminution and sublimation for estimation of energy grinding efficiency
Henryk Otwinowski, Vladimir P. Zhukov, Tomasz Wyleciał, Anton N. Belyakov, Dariusz Urbaniak

On the use of deformed geometry in EDM modelling, a comparison study
Emmanouil L. Papazoglou, Panagiotis Karmiris-Obratański, Nikolaos E.Karkalos, Angelos P. Markopoulos

Modelling of progressive circumferential heating of cylindrical objects with a double heat source
Tomasz Domański

Numerical estimation of the influence of Yb:YAG laser beam caustic on the formation of welding pool in laser-arc hybrid welding process
Marcin Kubiak

Numerical method for the one-dimensional anomalous subdiffusion equation with a variable diffusion coefficient
Marek Błasik

Modeling of stress and strain distribution in UHMWPE elements of knee and hip human joints
Michał Sobociński

Application of the laws of physical statistics to modeling of the jet milling process
Dariusz Urbaniak, Zhukov Vladimir Pavlovich, Tomasz Wyleciał, Barochkin Alexey Evgenevich, Henryk Otwinowski, Rafał Wyczółkowski

Determination of the effective thermal conductivity of steel bar bundles with the use of the Krischer model
Tomasz Wyleciał, Rafał Wyczółkowski, Dariusz Urbaniak, Henryk Otwinowski

Superconductivity analysis in uranium systems
Kamila Paulina Kosk-Joniec

Multiphase modeling of droplet fall using the Euler-Euler approach
Paweł Kwiatoń, Dawid Cekus

Magnetization processes in nanocrystallinePr-(Fe,Co)-(Zr,Nb)-B magnets
Katarzyna Pawlik, Piotr Pawlik

Primary structure and physical properties of new superalloys Co10Al5Mo2Nb on the cobalt matrix
Milena Kierat, Grzegorz Moskal, Adam Zieliński

Analysis of process of metal filling of ceramic preforms using Darcy’s law
Katarzyna Gawdzińska, Marcin Nabiałek, Dorota Nagolska

Studies of the magnetization reversal processe in Nd-Fe-B type magnets
Izabela Wnuk, Anna Przybył, Małgorzata Kaźmierczak

Magnetization processes in nanocrystallinePr-(Fe,Co)-(Zr,Nb)-B magnets
Bartosz Płoszaj, Marcin Nabiałek, Katarzyna Błoch, Bartosz Koczurkiewicz, Andriei Victor Sandu, Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah

Effect of annealing process on magnetic properties, structures and coercivity mechanizm in nanocrystalline Pr8Dy1Fe60Co7M3Ni3B14Zr1Ti3 alloy ribbons
Anna Przybył

Physical Phenomena Occurring in the Modeled Cardiac Stent During Decompression Using Numerical Analysis
A. Śliwa, O. Bialas

Microstructures studies on Ag-TiO2 thin films for self-cleaning solar panel application
Dewi Suriyani Che Halin, Kamrosni Abdul Razak, Azliza Azani, Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, Mohd Arif Anuar Mohd Salleh, Norsuria Mahmed, Muhammad Mahyiddin Ramli, AyuWazira Azhari, Varistha Chobpattana, Nuaim Siddiqi Dainal

An influence of pre-stressing and Winkler elastic base on the stability of geometrically nonlinear column under specific load
Janusz Szmidla, Ilona Cieślińska-Gąsior

Experimental verification of mathematical model for failure estimation of electronic systems
Krzysztof Sokół, Piotr Ptak

Modeling of thermophysical and mechanical phenomena in dissimilar welded joints
Wiesława Piekarska, Zbigniew Saternus

The influence of load eccentricity on the stability of a two-member column with PZT rod
Jacek Przybylski, Krzysztof Kuliński

The influence of longitudinal inertia of the mass element on the non-linear component of the beam natural frequency
Sebastian Uzny, Michał Osadnik, Łukasz Kutrowski